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Misty Blueberry Plant
Liners - 1 Gallon - 3 Gallon - Plant Characteristics
Misty 1 Gallon
Call 877.237.5268 To Order
Price Includes Royalty
trueBLUE's 1 gallon Field Ready blueberry plants quality are the result of years of industry experience and plant knowledge. The consistent quality and predictable performance demonstrates a commitment to our customer's success.

 Depending upon the different growth characteristics of the southern high bush varieties most plants will average 18-24" inches in height. Depending on the customer needs and the time of year the plants may be pruned to 16"-22" inches prior to shipping.

trueBLUE plants transplant with little shock to the root system and in ideal field conditions are often ready for fruiting the following fruit season.
1 Gallons average 3-4 lbs. each) Available September – July
Liner Plant Misty Liner - Avail August thru September Only
Call 877.237.5268 To Order
$ 2.20 per plant
$ 1.80 per plant
$ 1.29 per plant
Price Includes Royalty
2.5” Liner - The large deep root system transplants well into larger pots or nursery beds. It’s a good alternative for growers who want to grow their own finished plants.

Misty Blueberry Plants
Fruit quality is excellent on plants that do not overbear. However, plants tend to have very heavy flower bud set and produce an overabundance of fruit and leaf poorly in the spring. If not pruned correctly the stress associated with the heavy crop load and poor leafing could lead to severe infections of blueberry stem blight. Heavy winter pruning and use of Dormex have partially alleviated the problems associated with overbearing and poor foliation.

Misty Blueberry is USA Patent Protected - Unlicensed Propagation is Prohibited by Law



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